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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh yeah...Lightning is ready...cha-pow!

Aiden has developed a new love (more like obsession) for Lightning McQueen and if the movie, Cars, is not being displayed on our television 24/7 he is not happy about it! Here he is letting me know that his favorite part is about to come on. I know that as his mother I am biased but does that little smile not melt your heart??? Aiden, please stop growing up so quickly, mommy hasn't figured out a way to freeze time yet so until I do I'll just have to keep taking pictures <3


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holly's Baby Bump!

Holly and her husband are expecting baby #3 within the next few weeks...how exciting! The best part of their story is that this baby was a complete and total surprise for them...Holly has 2 girls (19 and 12) and thought that she was done having babies. God had a different plan for them though! Keeping with the "surprise" theme they decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby until the birth so for now we will call him or her Baby Brown :) (FYI Brown is their last name...I didn't just pick a random color...Ha!)
I had sooooo much fun shooting Holly's maternity pictures! She decided that she didn't want many "traditional" shots so we went for a boudoir maternity session (which was a first for me). I absolutely love the pregnant form and Holly totally embraced her curves and looked stunning in front of the camera!!! Unfortunately Holly's husband had to work later than expected that day so she had to fly solo on this shoot...we're going to try to make this a 2 part session and capture some images of them together before Baby Brown is born :)

Holly needed to stop for a snack...who knew being a Diva was such hard work? :)

Her girls came home while we were shooting and I was able to get a sweet picture of Holly with all of her babies :)

She wanted a picture of all of their hands on her belly

You totally rocked this photo shoot Holly! I can't wait to get the phone call saying Baby Brown is on the way! :)


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't smile Ethan!!! :)

Ethan is my 7 year old who refuses to smile for the camera...ever! It's not just my camera...it's all cameras. It's not that he doesn't like to have his picture taken because he does, he just doesn't like to smile for the camera. It's always "hey mom, get a close up of my mean face" or "take a picture of this awesome move" lol. It's so funny though because when it comes time for any type of portraits where he knows he's going to have to smile he gets a little panicky and out comes the "Chandler Bing" smile (all of you Friends fans know what I'm talking about)! I always try my best to say or do something funny to get a natural smile out of him so it doesn't look completely forced but it's not always an easy task...he has a pretty good poker face. Well, I finally found his weakness....Sarah! Sarah is the little girl next door who Ethan walks to and from the bus stop with every day. Lately she's been coming over after school to play and I think that Ethan has become quite smitten with her because whenever I mention her name he can't help but smile... so I like to tease him about it... yes I know I'm mean!
Hey Ethan...is Sarah coming over today?

Do you loooove her?

Smile if you love Sarah....

Don't do it Ethan...don't smile...if you do it means you're IN LOOOVVVEEE...hehehe!
he's fighting it sooo hard! lol

There it is... I won! Maybe Sarah shouldn't come over anymore...he's not allowed to love any girls other than his mommy :)


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holly's Baby Bump ~Coming Soon~


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